Surgeon FAQs

Who do I contact to discuss operating at Panch Day Surgery Centre?

Our Director of Nursing can be contacted to discuss available theatre sessions at our facility. The DON will then advise you of the credentialing process required for you to operate at Panch.

What if my specialty is not listed?

Your scope of practice and clinical privileges will be determined as a result of the credentialing process.

What additional facilities are available for surgeons?

Car parking will be available for all visiting surgeons. Use of the onsite hotel gym and swimming pool is also available for staff working at Panch. The DON will assist you with any passes or swipe cards that may be required. Tea/coffee amenities and a small range of refreshments/snacks are available for all staff. If you require a sandwich or specific lunch requirements during a full day of operating, the DON will assist you with arranging this. Our change rooms have lockers and there is a shower on site. Theatre scrub garments are available in a range of sizes and laundered through our commercial supplier.

Once I have been credentialed and allocated a theatre session, how do I start referring patients?

We will provide your clinic with a written booking guide for making referrals. All referrals to Panch will require specific documentation to be completed (e.g. admission details form & consent) and these referral document packs will be made available for your clinic to use.

What will be the process after I have made a referral to Panch?

Once we receive a patient referral from your rooms, our booking staff will review all relevant documents to ensure we have sufficient information to accept the patient referral. The patient will then be contacted by our booking staff to confirm out of pocket expenses (if applicable), and other relevant admission details.

How are theatre fees managed?

Panch will be responsible for informing your patient of any theatre fee out of pocket expenses they may incur as a result of their health fund check or if they are uninsured. All theatre fees are payable on the day of admission to Panch. An information pack is provided to the patient which will outline fees payable. Surgeon, anaesthetic or other fee payments are not accepted by Panch.

Do I need to arrange my own anaesthetist?

If you have a preferred anaesthetist you are welcome to have them rostered to your theatre sessions. The anaesthetist will need to be credentialed prior to working with us. If you do not have a preference for an anaesthetist, the DON will assist you and make arrangements for a suitable anaesthetist to be allocated to your regular sessions.

How is the volume and case mix of my theatre list decided?

You will need to send through your theatre list no later than 10 days prior to your session, in order for Panch to safely co-ordinate and prepare for the surgery requested. Your theatre list will need to include all patient details (name, DOB), admission time, procedure name & MBS item number and any prosthesis details (e.g. lens type, dioptre). The DON will review the theatre list to and contact you, should the volume order of cases, or case mix you have requested not be suitable from an operational or resource perspective.

What other information will I need to give my patients?

We will provide your room with an information pack which you can give to all patients being booked in to Panch. You will need to provide the patient with their fasting instructions and diabetic or anticoagulant medication requirements.

If my patient is having cataract surgery, do I need to order the IOL implant?

We stock a range of consignment Alcon IOL implants on site. All other brands will need to be ordered on an as need basis prior to your theatre session. Our staff are happy to order the lens of choice (and a backup) if you would like this arrangement. All cataract referrals to Panch must include the details of the IOL required, so that these arrangements can be made well before the day of surgery.

Do I need to bring anything with me on the day of my operating sessions?

It is ideal for you to bring any AScans or patient notes you may wish to refer to during the theatre session.